Donnerstag, 9. Februar 2012

Material Workshop and Miniramp Session

Monday 13.02.12

How do I set up my board?
How do I remove bearings?
You'll find out at the upcoming Women's Gear Workshop.
We'll take it nice and easy and will kick things off with a mini ramp session from 16.00h.
The workshop is scheduled to start at around 18.00h.

A board assembling contest with lots of shiny swag to bag!
Please bring:
Your skate gear
A big smile, although that goes without saying really...

Shout outs & thanks to our supporters:, LoadedBoards, OrangatangWheels , Sixxa
Photo credits: Nicole Fleck

Sixxa Headquarter
Kienmayergasse 22
1140 Vienna

Women only!!!

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